Relearning Jidoka From a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

July 9, 2014  3:32 pm

About 20 years ago, when I first trained on the Toyota Production System, it was presented to me that the second pillar of the Toyota production system was “Jidoka”. Jidoka is a Japanese word that means “automation with a human touch”.  As I learned later, this definition just …Read More >


KeyNotes E-Newsletter: Lean is a Growth Strategy

September 23, 2013  3:21 pm

This issue of KeyNotes is about Lean and its power as a growth enabler. Providing news, methods and evidence to support this position, our hope is that readers begin to transcend the traditional “cost reduction” view of Lean and learn that it can actually be an overarching Read More >


Attention Recovering Companies ― Lean is Best Applied as a Growth Strategy!

June 20, 2013  2:59 pm

Lean is all about waste elimination right? But to what end? The Toyota Production System (TPS) promotes eliminating waste in the pursuit of higher quality, lower costs and improved delivery with empowered employees. Yet, what is the ultimate objective?

Looking Beyond Cost Reduction | In partnering with clients …Read More >


Work on Fewer Projects and Get More Done

October 20, 2011  5:04 pm

Good Intent Unintentionally Sabotaged – Have you observed this in your organization? Each year the Leadership Team goes through a planning process. With good intention, they launch a number of initiatives to achieve stretch goals. Work begins with great enthusiasm but soon becomes mired down. Reality hits, priorities …Read More >