Vice President and Principal

An Afternoon Spent Process Mapping is an Afternoon Well Spent

January 31, 2017  3:14 pm

Earlier this month we spent a few hours with the great team at Jefferson Electric to help them do their first process mapping exercise. They are thinking hard about how to be more effective and standard in the ways they work so that they can continue to …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Control Freak Much?

December 22, 2016  3:29 pm

Transformation requires a fundamental shift in how the organizations collaborate to make real change happen.

boss controlling a worker with a remote controlWhen it comes to guiding an organization through transformative change, …Read More >

Straight from the brain trust

Sustaining OpEx in the Modern Age

December 5, 2016  2:06 pm

This is an excerpt from the Kaufman Global survey report: An Examination of Operational Excellence

In October we conducted a survey of 100 executives in our network that have deep experience leading operations and operational excellence efforts. Our goal was to examine how organizations are evolving in their construction, use of and …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Operational Excellence Will Save You Millions (and Millions)

November 29, 2016  10:43 am

Well… the exact number is not certain, but organizations could get much more from their OpEx by shifting perspective.

Operational excellence is another way of saying “comprehensive process improvement.” As an enterprise function it’s better than ever. Across business and industry (government, healthcare, services and manufacturing) it delivers year-over-year …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Rapid Performance Evaluation – Speed Matters

August 4, 2016  10:06 am

Kaufman Global helps clients solve complex problems and drive fundamental improvement. We engage when people and process collide – places where expertise and leverage can speed results. Even when an organization knows there is a problem, getting to solutions and understanding which levers to adjust can often benefit …Read More >

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The Lean Daily Management System:
Using Structure to Engage Employees and Optimize Value

November 17, 2015  11:37 am

In the late 1990s, when Kaufman Global constructed the Lean Daily Management System® (LDMS®), we recognized that “Lean” as a method for improving business was often viewed as a set of tools aimed at machines and inventory. On the surface, and in the simplest of explanations, it was …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

4 Tips for Simplifying Work Complexity
(Hint… Start with Smart Design)

November 3, 2015  10:14 am

Greater complexity means more options for failure.

Education ConfusionPeople and processes come together to deliver products and services. Like a ball of string collected, complexity builds as things are added to accommodate …Read More >

Jerry Timpson President and Principal

Transform and Sustain: the Real Reasons it’s so Difficult to Make the Connection

October 20, 2015  5:22 pm

Clients never say: “We want to transform and do better, but we don’t care about sustaining the improvements.” Clients always profess a sincere desire to sustain results. So pervasive is this intent, that during the past 20 years we’ve seen the rise of Operational Excellence as a legitimate …Read More >

Here, there & everywhere

The Iconic Tour 2015 – Chicago

May 19, 2015  11:14 pm

How did we spend today’s Travel Tuesday? In the beautiful city of Chicago, hearing from and networking with some of businesses biggest icons at the CNBC and Inc., Iconic Conference. It still amazes me how much you can learn from people whose businesses are nothing like …Read More >

Here, there & everywhere

Standing Tall in Kuala Lumpur

February 24, 2015  11:48 am

European Director Rolf den Nieuwenboer takes a break from his facility layout work to enjoy the weekend sites and sounds of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rolf KL
















Here, he stands in view of one …Read More >

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