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Hospital Excellence

Implement critical initiatives, drive sustainable improvements and deliver financial results that all stakeholders can see

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Hospital Excellence

Predictable, Achievable Results

“I never realized the power of an initiative like this — this process identified opportunities that we would have never dreamed of.”

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Success Stories

The Frontier of Cost and Productivity Improvement

Non-manufacturing costs comprise 90% of total product and over 95% of total life-cycle costs

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New Frontier

Time Where It Counts

When you eliminate waste, value remains. This means more time spent on improving safety, service quality, cost and cycle times.

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Procedural Adherence

Process standardization + procedural adherence = simplification. Download our new white paper to learn more


It’s how you make significant performance improvement sustainable.

If leadership doesn’t support change, it won’t stick. If employees don’t internalize the need to change and the processes that bring it about, it won’t last. If there’s no baseline against which change can be measured, results will be fleeting.

Simple truths. That’s what we believe in at Kaufman Global. They are conditions we insist upon when we’re engaged. And it’s why we’re very good at what we do, and why we consistently deliver meaningful business results that ensure the achievement of your organizational and personal objectives.