Our Commitment to Sustainability

Implementations that create internal capability, ensure ongoing results and establish a culture of Continuous Improvement

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Lean Leadership

Client Results

20 Years of serving the Fortune 1000.
Aerospace & Defense. Automotive. Healthcare. Industrial. Government. Life Sciences. Oil & Gas.

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Rapid Performance Evaluation

Need to get a baseline on how your business is doing fast?
In 1 day we rate efficiency, id  barriers and gauge team cohesion.
Get conclusive, actionable answers now.

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People-Powered Improvement

LDMS® is our proprietary methodology for engagement at the workgroup level, enabling teams to continuously improve their day-to-day work.

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Lean Daily Management System

Leadership Alignment Workshops

Establish a common understanding of Lean, Waste and Value while targeting and agreeing on critical opportunities.

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Leadership Alignment

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OpEx Will Save You Millions

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It’s how you make significant performance improvement sustainable.

If leadership doesn’t support change, it won’t stick. If employees don’t internalize the need to change and the processes that bring it about, it won’t last. If there’s no baseline against which change can be measured, results will be fleeting.

Simple truths. That’s what we believe in at Kaufman Global. They are conditions we insist upon when we’re engaged. And it’s why we’re very good at what we do, and why we consistently deliver meaningful business results that ensure the achievement of your organizational and personal objectives.